Business Areas

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  • Foods
  • electronics
  • chemicals
  • water purification
  • room air filter
  • facilities for public authorities
  • Foods and beverages

    Purification of milk, beer, wine, syrup, vegetable oil, and beverages

  • Electronic industries

    Pretreatment with reverse-osmotic pressure for micro chip and circuit boards, and pretreatment of coating of magnetic tape, floppy disk and optical fiber

  • Chemical processes

    Mass filtration treatment and pretreatment of chemicals, filtration of acid and alkali solutions

  • Water purification

    Pretreatment of cleaning water, and super-pure water

  • Metal treatment

    Filtration of machine cooling water, plating solutions and rust stain

  • Cosmetics and drugs

    Purification and pretreatment with reverse-osmotic pressure for oral cleaner, makeup solution, lotion and reagents

  • Oil and gas

    Water purification in oil-drilling area, and purification of waste water from oil wells

  • Others

    Solutions for developing, printing and fastening